Shinya Otsuchihashi

Shinya Otsuchihashi
Shinya Otsuchihashi
Chef at : CRAFTALE
Location : Tokyo, Japan

At 19, Shinya travelled to France to study in the gastronomic centre of Lyon. Since then he has worked both in haute cuisine - first at the Michelin-rated The Georgian Club in Tokyo and then Joel Robuchon’s three-Michelin-starred chateau restaurant in Ebisu - and in smaller, less rarefied locations, such as Saturne in Paris and Restaurant Anis in Tokyo’s Hatsudai neighbourhood. In 2015, he opened his restaurant, CRAFTALE, and within two years, was awarded a Michelin star. Shinya describes the name CRAFTALE as a mashup of the words “craft” and “tale” as well as an anagram of the French word fractale (fractal).

Event : Dinner
Venue : Shintaro
Date : 5-6 September, 2018
time : 7 pm for Pre-Drink, 7:30 pm Dinner begins
price : THB 7,500
Price are subject to 10% service charge and 7% government tax.