Cristina Bowerman

Cristina Bowerman
Cristina Bowerman
Chef at : Glass Hosteria
Location : Rome, Italy

Hailing from Italy, Chef Cristina Bowerman is an inspiration in the mostly male-dominated field of haute cuisine. A love of travel and a thirst for knowledge brought her to the U.S.A in 1992, where she completed a course in Culinary Arts to add to her law degree. Whilst respecting the tradition in Italian food, each dish of Cristina’s is infused with creative flavours, from Texan to Puerto Rican, that she learnt from a broad range of mentors in the US.  In 2004 she returned to Italy, assuming various head chef roles until she received international recognition for her role at Glass Hostaria. Awards from culinary guides followed and in 2010, Chef Cristina won a Michelin star for her highly modern cuisine, one of a select group of females to do so. Since then, she has released an autobiography, spoken at TEDxMilano Women, won a number of international prizes and is part of the Food Act Committee in Italy. She is also the culinary talent behind the inventive Romeo Chef & Baker projects, which range from pop-up concept restaurants to creative underground spaces.

Event : Dinner
Venue : Biscotti
Date : 4-5 SEPTEMBER, 2017
time : 07.30 pm
price : 7,100++
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