Anatoly Kazakov

Anatoly Kazakov
Anatoly Kazakov
Chef at : Selfie Restaurant
Location : Moscow, Russia

In his own words, Russian-born Anatoly Kazakov decided to become a chef because, “my mom was working a lot and I was obliged to cook myself. When I was 14-years-old I decided to learn professionally how to cook better. From my first salary I bought a mobile phone which at that time (1993) was very expensive, a whole month’s salary.” With a food philosophy that can be summed up as a non-standard view on standard products, and a desire to sustainably produce the products used in his restaurant—especially ingredients from his home country—this innovative talent has been achieving wide acclaim across the globe. He is currently at Selfie restaurant, in Moscow, where he shares kitchen duties with star chef Vladimir Mukhin.

Event : Dinner
Venue : The Spice Market
Date : 8-9 SEPTEMBER, 2017
time : 07.30 pm
price : 5,900++
Prices are per person in Thai Baht and are subject to 10% service charge and 7% VAT