Chef Kawaguchi Daiki and Chef Inoue Manabu

Chef Kawaguchi Daiki and Chef Inoue Manabu
Chef Kawaguchi Daiki and Chef Inoue Manabu
Chef at : Ginza Sushi Ichi & Ginza Tenharu
Location : Japan

Inoue-san calls Hokkaido home and has also perfected his craft over than 20 years, culminating in a one-Michelin-star honour for Inoue Manabu.

We have been grateful to have had the good fortune of meeting so many wonderful customers. Come and enjoy delicious cuisine prepared from specially selected ingredients by our skilful chef at this secret spot in the Ginza district, where you can relax and experience our warm hospitality. We look forward to meeting you - from all of the staff at Sushi-ichi.

Daiki-san hails from Osaka and has more than 20 years’ experience in Japanese fine dining under his belt, including as a tempura master.

Carefully Selected “Seasonal Gifts” - We have given deep consideration to choosing the best seasonal ingredients for our menu to provide the best of tempura. Please experience the four Japanese seasons through our carefully selected menu. Delicate and Exquisite “Gem” - Please savour the taste, aroma, and color of the four seasons with your five senses. Soothing “Hideaway” in Ginza - An aromatic cedarwood counter table is the only seating in TEHHARU. TENHARU is located in a quiet corner of the busy Ginza area of Central Tokyo, as a soothing hideaway for you to take a breather. We hope you enjoy our exquisite pieces in this graceful space inspired by traditional Japanese tea houses.

Event : Dinner
Venue : Shintaro
Date : 7th November
price : 8,000++
Sold Out menu